PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental health disorder that makes it difficult to 

recover from a traumatic event. It is common among military veterans and other people who 

have witnessed or experienced traumatic episodes. People who suffer from PTSD often find 

themselves reliving the traumatic event repeatedly, making it difficult to live a normal life. 

Cannabis, a popular recreational drug, may provide relief for those suffering from PTSD. It is 

ingested or smoked and is often used to alleviate numerous ailments. Under certain 

circumstances, it can be used as PTSD treatment in San Antonio.

How does cannabis help with PTSD? 

Some studies suggested that using cannabis can dampen the symptoms of PTSD and help 

sufferers overcome it entirely. This may be due to cannabis’s effect on the amygdala, a part of 

the brain responsible for experiencing emotions. Cannabis can lower the threat sensitivity of the 

amygdala, helping people with PTSD feel less triggered by their trauma.

How effective is cannabis for PTSD? 

While research on cannabis as a treatment for PTSD has been limited, one study by the 

Colorado Department of Public Health recently found that people using medicinal cannabis are 

2.5 times more likely to no longer suffer from PTSD after a year than those using a placebo 

substance. Another study at Washington State University found impactful short-term changes due to 

cannabis use. Researchers found that flashbacks were reduced by 51%, irritability by 67%, and 

anxiety by 57%.  Medical marijuana is legal in Texas. If you are looking to treat PTSD symptoms, we are ready to 

discuss whether using cannabis for PTSD treatment in San Antonio is your best option. 

What are the side effects of using cannabis for PTSD?

Cannabis can have negative side effects for some people, so take care if you have not used it 

previously. It can lead to increased anxiety or suicidal thoughts, which can be particularly 

dangerous for people who already suffer from PTSD. Mobile Psych monitors all patients and 

stops your cannabis treatment if you suffer from negative mental health effects.

Cannabis can also make you lethargic and hungry.

How do synthetic cannabinoids compare?

Synthetic cannabinoids can also have a positive impact and be used to treat PTSD. In one 

study, 72% of PTSD patients who received a synthetic cannabinoid reported reduced 

nightmares or complete cessation of nightmares. 

How quickly does cannabis work?

Cannabis can work very quickly, in just a few minutes, if smoked. If it is ingested, such as in a 

gummy or added to a baked good, it can take longer than an hour to feel the effects. Many 

recreational users make the mistake of consuming too much while waiting for the effects to kick 

in. Mobile Psych can help you determine the right amount and method to consume cannabis. 

Benefits of using cannabis for PTSD 

– Reduce flashbacks triggered by memories

– Reduce anxiety and irritability

– Long-term healing from PTSD

– Cessation of nightmares

If you or someone you know is interested in using cannabis as a way to help with PTSD, contact a professional like Mobile Psych today. Our certified psychiatrist can help you overcome your trauma with professional guidance.