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What is Ketamine IM injection Therapy?

Our Ketamine treatment consists of a dose being administered through ketamine IM injection,  this is similar to getting a flu shot or vaccine.  For our patients, treatments will be at the comfort of your home, so there won’t be any problems with resting after treatment sessions.

How does Ketamine treatment work?

 Ketamine promotes glutamate production in the brain, as opposed to traditional therapies that target more familiar chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Glutamate can help the brain process cognitive thoughts and emotions and strengthen synaptic connections. It is also responsible for regulating the levels of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).

When Glutamate and GABA are at an imbalance, they are a strong contributor to mental illness, which means ketamine can help heal these illnesses by restoring balance in these chemicals. With ketamine, the brain can be influenced to create new pathways which can undo the damage caused by stress.

Typically, ketamine therapy is not a first option treatment. You generally are only eligible if you have already tried other, traditional medications without results or relief of your symptoms. Additionally, individuals who: are pregnant, have uncontrolled hypertension or acute cardiovascular disease, have a history of negative response to ketamine, or history of psychosis or substance abuse may be ineligible for treatment.

Here at Mobile Psych, we believe in giving our patients the privacy and personalized therapy they deserve. We offer our services 24/7 and guarantee expert advice from Dr.Rubaye who has extensive knowledge and experience with unique treatments such as ketamine therapy. If you, or someone you know is suffering from mental illness and you think ketamine treatment sounds like a viable option, don’t hesitate to contact us for an evaluation. We help people begin their journey to better mental health.

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