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If a condition on the list is something you think you may have, contact us for an evaluation and see if PRP is an option for you.

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What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is a regenerative fluid derived from your own blood. We will draw your blood, and by spinning it in a special centrifuge we will concentrate the platelets down to a very small amount, which we will inject into your painful joint. These platelets will then release small packets called alpha granules, which influences your tissue to regenerate (grow new healthy tissue).

Why not steroids?

For the last 50 years or longer, the classic treatment of joint pain or injury was an injection of steroids – typically cortisone. More recently, we have discovered this may have not been the best option.

If you’d like more scientific information on PRP, check out this link: link to medical literature.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary as Mobile Psych offers different PRP protocols and packages.

What is the Keta PRP?

For best results (study), we recommend 3 PRP treatments that are 3 weeks apart. Since we stop pain medicine to improve the outcome, we will bridge you with ketamine treatments (ten treatments) to control pain.

What is the Mega PRP?

If you cannot commit to 10 weeks of treatment plan, the Mega PRP is an alternative. You will still be receiving ketamine treatments and one PRP treatment over a 6 weeks period.

Any other options?

Yes, we have other options. Please contact us for more information.